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Czech Cup MTB XCO (June 2 - 3, 2018)

Round 3: Nové Město na Moravě (Vysočina Aréna)

UCI C1 category race

Bike Events s.r.o., Železné 32, 666 01 Tišnov

Event Venue address
Vysočina Aréna, Vlachovická 1355, 592 31 Nové Město na Moravě, GPS: GPS 49° 34‘ 37.7832“ N 16° 3‘ 11.106“ E

Destination description
The centre for the event is the area of the XC skiing, biathlon and newly also MTB stadium named Vysočina Arena by Nove Město na Moravě, the Czech Republic.

Term of the race
2nd of July 2018 – Strabag MTB Cup 2018 – Junior Cup
3rd of July 2018 – Strabag MTB Cup 2018 – Cross-Country XCO

Sports director
Lukáš Vlach, + 420 602 424 934 lukinvlach@gmail.com

Chief of courses
David Hodr, +420 728 320 809, david.hodr@centrum.cz

Competition office
Radka Vernerová, +420 733 552 752, vernerova.radka@gmail.com

UCI officer
NUSSBAUMER Michaela, Rakousko

Expo & team parking
Team zones are situated on the main parking places.
Registration must be sent to: FILIP REISKUP, tel. 606 650 077, email: filip.reiskup@mtbnmnm.cz

Medical service
Permanent availability of the event doctor starts from Saturday 12:00 and ends on Sunday 17:00

Hospital address
Žďárská 610, 592 31 Nové Město na Moravě     

Event office
OC building in Arena Vysicina

Registration is available only by on-line service provided on the website Czech Cup - poharmtb.cz

Final confirmation close 2 hours befor start of each category. Cadets, Experts and Masters must be confirmed on Saturday till 19:00.

Doping controls
The control will be made in the building (where the media centre is located) behind the stands B – on the ground fl oor of the media center. Will be signed.

The XCO course has the same parametres as World Cup XCO 2018 course with several technical features.

Course Map
Course plan see below 

by the official Czech MTB Cup 2018

Saturday – Race Schedule

12:00-19:00   Race office 
12:45   Team managers meeting with organizer to Saturday’s races
13:15   Runbikes
13:30   Girls and boys 3-4 years United start
13:45   Girls and boys 5-6 years United start
14:00   Girls 7-8 years
14:30   Boys 7-8 years
15:00   Girls 9-10 years
15:30   Boys 9-10 years
16:00   Pupil girls I
16:30   Pupil boys I
17:00   Pupil girls II
17:30   Pupil boys II
18:00   Winners ceremony Czech Cup Junior Cup

10:00 -13:00   Official training XCO (medical servis available at the start/finish line)

19:00   Team managers meeting for Sunday‘s XCO


Sunday – Race schedule

8:00 – 12:00   Race office
9:00   Experts, Masters  (55 min) 4-5 laps
10:15   Cadets  (45 min) 3-4 laps
11:15   Juniors (1 hrs) 5 laps
12:30   Women Elite/U23, Juniors women, Cadets women  (1:15 hrs) 5,4,3 laps
14:15   Men Elite /U23 (1:30 hrs) 7 laps
16:15   Winners ceremony Czech XCO

Starting fee
Juniors races Saturday   50 CZK
Pupil girls/boys   150 CZK
Cadets men, women
Experts, Masters, Juniors men, Juniors women   400 CZK
Men Elite/U23, Women/U23   500 CZK 

By the rules of Czech MTB Cup 2018


Course plan